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At The Moat Sixth Form there is no compulsory uniform however we do expect students to dress appropriately for Sixth Form so a smart casual dress code will be in place. 


Our students are transitioning towards adulthood and greater independence and a part of this will be supported by guiding students on suitable clothing for different settings.  Students will be on work placements and will need to learn to dress appropriately for their role, they will learn more about this through workshops and tutorials. 


Some of our students need to improve their organisational skills and wearing appropriate clothing will be a part of that. Students will be supported and reminded to dress appropriately for subjects like Performing Arts or Sports and given the responsibility to do this themselves as they progress and take a greater sense of responsibility. For Performing Arts, theatre blacks should be worn. You can arrive at the Sixth Form in your theatre blacks. 


We will have lockers for all students, another part of building up organisational skills will be encouraging students to store a change of clothes for things like Art and Sports. 


Students can wear Moat Sixth Form branded items including hoodies and t-shirts but this is not compulsory. Students can also dress in a more formal manner if they wish, doing this will help prepare those students for the clothing requirements of the Business world. 

There are only a few rules that we wish to enforce for clothing and dress currently.


  • No ripped jeans

  • No ripped clothing of any sort.

  • No political clothing

  • No offensive clothing

  • No unnatural hair dye 

  • No visible tattoos


We partner with The School Wear Specialists to provide our uniform, you can purchase all our uniform from them directly here.


The Moat Sixth Form Boys Uniform

  • Moat SIxth Form short or long sleeve polo shirt*

  • Moat Sixth Form Hoody*


The Moat Sixth Form Girls Uniform​

  • Moat SIxth Form short or long sleeve polo shirt*

  • Moat Sixth Form Hoody*

*All items marked with an asterisk should be obtained from Sogans, 6 Greyhound Road, London SW6 8NX, 020 7385 1055