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  • Gemma Doyle

The Moat School Sixth Form!

It’s official!

We are opening a Sixth Form.

We are all very excited here at the Moat to let everyone know we will be opening a Sixth Form on Beavor Lane Hammersmith for September 2020. This has been a long time coming and we are all very excited that it is finally happening.

We will be offering the same ‘Moatiness’ you have all come to know and love but in a slightly more mature and independent environment.

We are currently in the process of working out the fine details but are keen for some input from our current Y11’s who will (hopefully) become our first A-Level and Btec pupils to pass through The Moat.

After a lot of discussion with Mr. Claeys about layout of the building and working spaces, we are finally on the move with making this happen.

Today our Y11 pupils will visit the site to have their say on what they want to see in their Sixth Form. Although an abundance of sofas and pool tables may be on the list we can’t promise too much.

The key for The Moat Sixth will be the integration of our staff from Fulham into the Hammersmith life. We are hoping to create a cross campus culture (CCC) where the same staff you have spent time growing up with will be there to provide support as you enter adult life. Our schools’ therapeutic team are heavily involved with the process and already have many great ideas of how this will work across the two sites.

One of the many ways The Moat Sixth will be unique is our proposed ‘Work experience’ programme, this will mean every Moat pupil will spend one day a week at a place of work that we will help to set up. This will not only provide valuable CV boosting experience but also help with life skills and maybe even lead to a career they never knew they wanted to be part of.

We are very happy with the future plans for The Moat and hope you continue to watch this space for more news and updates.

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